Citizens Guide Nuisance Strategy Page

This page summarizes strategies that are a nuisance rather than a risk to safety.

In order to reduce emissions from the transportation sector, the Climate Act proposes to electrify transportation.  It is hard to miss all the publicity for electric vehicles nationally. Despite all the support for electric vehicles, the obvious point is that they work well for limited applications but they have limitations relative to gas powered cars.  I classify this Climate Act strategy as a nuisance because there are options available for their use.

New York Governor Kathy Hochul signed legislation on September 8, 2021 that effectively bans the sale of new internal combustion engine cars, off-road vehicles, light-duty trucks and equipment by 2035.  In addition, the Governor directed the Department of Environmental Conservation to release a proposed regulation that would significantly reduce air pollution from trucks.  Note, however, that the draft scoping plan suggests that the sale of new internal combustion engine cars will need to be pushed up to 2030.


  • Electric Vehicles – There are many issues associated with widespread implementation of electric vehicles

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