Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) is Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s comprehensive energy strategy for New York. This is a forum to present the inconvenient unpublicized or missing pieces of New York State’s REV policy: implementation plan, costs and impacts. The State has yet to provide that information in a readily available form. I believe that the majority of New York citizens are unaware of the potential impacts of REV and do not have the time for research so this site will try to provide information necessary for New Yorkers to understand the ramifications of REV.

This website is organized into the following sections:

Disclaimer: I am writing this series of posts on REV because I am convinced that this whole thing is going to end as an expensive boondoggle and drive electricity prices in particular and energy prices in general significantly higher. Before retirement from the electric generating industry, I was actively analyzing energy and air quality regulations that could affect company operations. The opinions expressed in this post do not reflect the position of any of my previous employers or any other company I have been associated with, these comments are mine alone.