REV Electric Vehicle Issues

This page contains links to the articles on the use of electric vehicles.

Dr. Jay Lehr writing at PA Pundits has an excellent overview of the many reasons that electric vehicles will never replace the internal combustion engine.

The economic and upgrades to the electric system costs for the United Kingdom are enormous.

“Electrifying parts of our transportation system may result in incremental reductions in greenhouse gas emissions,” Robert Bryce argues. “But a look at history, as well as an analysis of the supply-chain issues involved in manufacturing EVs, the resource intensity of batteries, and the increasingly fragile state of our electric grid – which is being destabilized by bad policy at the state and national levels – shows that a headlong drive to convert our transportation systems to run on ‘green’ electricity could cost taxpayers untold billions of dollars, increase greenhouse gas emissions, be bad for societal resilience, make the U.S. more dependent on commodity markets dominated by China, make us less able to respond to extreme weather events or attacks on our infrastructure, and impose regressive taxes on low and middle-income Americans in the form of higher electricity prices.”