Recommended Renewable Energy Posts

I recommend that anyone who is interested in researching the story behind the complexities of the energy system and relying on renewable wind and solar energy read two series of posts at the Climate Etc and the Science of Doom blogs. In both cases the authors are trying to provoke thought and spur discussion.

The Science of Doom blog was written for “People interested in the science behind the climate stories we read about every day.” While there are a whole slew of articles that address the nitty gritty of climate science there also have been a series of posts on renewable energy. The author does a good job of not only distilling down the information but also providing links to original documents with the admonition that readers review the entire documents. The following list of links shows the topics available:

The other series of blog posts on renewable energy is at Climate Etc. Most of the posts at this blog are on climate science but guest bloggers have contributed relevant posts on this topic.  The blog posts on energy planning give a very good overview of current energy related issues. The posts were provided to provoke thought and spur discussion to provide valuable background information. They were not written to “be cited for homework, peer reviewed papers, master’s thesis or public testimony”. Unfortunately there isn’t a summary page at Climate Etc. that lists all the posts in this series so the following list will have to do:

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