Skeptical Environmentalist Videos of Interest

Climate Leadership & Community Protection Act

Climate Science

  • Unsettled Climate Science:  Link is to a post that includes videos of a discussion between Jordan Peterson and Steven Koonin, on-line material, and a couple of debates.
  • Climate Change: What do scientists say? Prager University presentation by Richard Lindzen

New York Net-Zero Transition

Implementation Issues

  • Mark Mills: The energy transition delusion: inescapable mineral realities shows that the amount of mining necessary to provide the raw materials needed for the net-zero transition is so large that the transition is impossible.
  • Li-Ion battery fires: Paul Christensen, Professor of Pure and Applied Electrochemistry at Newcastle University in the United Kingdom gave a presentation at PV magazine’s Insight Australia event in 2021 that describes the risks  of thermal runaway fires in li-ion batteries. His videos of thermal runaway tests are terrifying.   
  • Problems with hydrogen: Link to a post with a video and description of contents

Climate Change Issues