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Propane and Gas Heating in Crosshairs of Climate Council’s Scoping Plan – Propane and gas furnaces may soon disappear from New Yorkers’ homes, even if they want to keep them.


Decarbonizing home heating in England £143 billion over ten years! Over the 5.7 million homes quoted, this amounts to £25000 per home.

Heat pump operating costs

British hidden cost of heat pumps

Robert Bradley  eviscerates the climate impact rationale and provides links to other articles about the regulatory attempts to eliminate the use of natural gas in homes in other jurisdictions.

Pragmatic Environmentalist of New York Heat Pumps

Air Source Heat Pumps In New York

My Comment on Draft Scoping Plan Residential Heating Electrification Estimates

Climate Act Narrative – Heat Pumps are the Answer

Syracuse Post Standard All-Electric Homes

You cannot just install a heat pump and expect it to work without upgrading the building shell: Draft Scoping Plan Comment – Residential Building Shells

Summary Conclusion

The latest model cold-climate heat pumps are markedly better at providing adequate heat at lower temperatures than previous models.  In order for complete reliance on a heat pump, however the building shell has to be upgraded, changes may have to be made to the existing duct work, and a heat recovery ventilation system added.  Those additions add to retrofit costs and are not stressed enough in the the NYS Clean Heat program.  When those costs are added to the equation it is unlikely that a heat pump will actually be pay for itself for a retrofit.

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