Electric Energy Systems and Renewable Resources

This page provides links to posts that I recommend that anyone who is interested in researching the story behind the complexities of the energy system and relying on renewable wind and solar energy read.

I recommend three posts by Russell Schussler for a good overview of energy planning issues for an electric power generation and transmission system with the amounts of wind and solar resources envisioned for any net zero program.   The post entitled “Transmission planning: wind and solar” discusses how the transmission system is impacted by renewable resources.  A second post, “All megawatts are not equal,  explains that different types of generating resources bring different benefits to the electric system.  The final post discusses the problem of balancing system loads and resources in a system impacted by wind and solar.

I found that Schussler’s blog posts (several in collaboration with Rod Istvan) on renewable energy at Climate Etc gave a comprehensive overview of current energy related issues.   I have consolidated many of the articles here.  Unfortunately there isn’t a summary page at Climate Etc. that lists all the posts in this series so the following list will have to do:

Other related posts by Rud Istvan at Watts Up With That

The Science of Doom blog was written for “People interested in the science behind the climate stories we read about every day.”  While there are a whole slew of articles that address the nitty gritty of climate science there also have been a series of posts on renewable energy.  The author does a good job of not only distilling down the information but also providing links to original documents with the admonition that readers review the entire documents.  The following list of links shows the topics available:

Other related posts: