Irrational Methane Obsession Page

New York’s war on natural gas or methane is not based on issues of cost, efficiency, and benefits, but only on an ideology built on the hatred of the natural gas industry. Thus, the policies incorporated into the Climate Leadership & Community Protection Act (Climate Act) are not based on facts or research but ideology. They are, in a word, irrational.  This page references facts and research that contradict the selective “science” used to vilify natural gas in the Climate Act. 

Viewed through a pragmatic lens, the New York obsession with eliminating natural gas is irrational. Increased use of natural gas has been responsible for most electric generation emission reductions observed in the state.  Natural gas provides efficient, resilient, and safe energy to homes and businesses.  Not so long ago the idea that natural gas could also be used a bridge fuel until the aspirational “green” generating resources and energy storage technologies could be tested at the scale needed, perform like a natural gas fired generating unit, and provide power at a similar cost, was generally accepted as a rational approach.  

Methane Cannot Have a Significant Greenhouse Effect

Methane Policy

NYS GHG Inventory

The Climate Act required the New York Department of Environmental Conservation to calculate the baseline Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission inventory and establish a value of carbon by the end of 2020.  New York’s unique treatment of methane figured heavily in both documents.