Climate Act Guide: What You Can Do

The Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (Climate Act) has been described as the most ambitious and comprehensive climate and clean energy legislation in the country.  However, most New Yorkers are not aware of the law or the implications of the Act on the future of New York. 

On December 19, 2022 New York State approved the Final Scoping Plan.  In 2023 the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation will propose regulations and the New York State Legislature will consider new laws to implement the recommendations of the Scoping Plan. 

The Scoping Plan does not include a feasibility analysis to determine whether reducing greenhouse gas  emissions emitted  to meet the “bold climate agenda” could be done reliably, affordably, and with acceptable environmental impacts.  It is madness going ahead with regulations and legislation without proof that prove this will work as outlined; without presenting clear and transparent estimates of the costs for the control strategies and how much it will cost New Yorkers individually; and not explaining how New Yorkers are expected to survive when there is an ice storm after everything is converted to electricity.

Demand answers! Get involved in the public meetings and hearings and submit comments expressing your concerns.  Contact your legislators and ask the questions that have not been answered.


Get Involved

The New York State Climate Act webpage includes a link to sign up to “be among the first to learn of New York State climate news and developments”.    This puts you on the mailing list to get notices of Climate Act meetings and events.  I expect that public meetings for the regulatory initiatives will be announced there For the other side of the story please visit and bookmark the Citizens Guide to the Climate Act page and the Pragmatic Environmentalist of New York website.


I will try to provide links to relevant proceedings in 2023. 

I encourage all New Yorkers to comment early and often.

Pragmatic Environmentalist of New York Comments

In order to give readers ideas for comments I have listed my draft scoping plan comments that I have submitted here