Citizen Guide Implementation Strategies Page

The Climate Action Council is responsible for preparing the Scoping Plan that will “achieve the State’s bold clean energy and climate agenda”.  Starting in the fall of 2020 seven advisory panels developed recommended policies to meet the targets that were presented to the Climate Action Council in the spring of 2021.  Their policies were converted into specific strategies s by the New York State Energy Research & Development Authority over the summer of 2021.  The integration analysis implementation strategies will be incorporated into the draft Scoping Plan by the end of 2021. 

Advisory Panel Policies

I have summarized the schedule, implementation components, and provide links to the legislation itself at CLCPA Summary Implementation Requirements.  The advisory panel initial policies, the final policies presented to the Climate Action Council and my impression of the initial policies are available

Integration Analysis Implementation Strategies

As time allows, I will address the implementation strategies individually and provide links here.